The Fist Bump: America's Handshake

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama bumped his wife when he accepted the DNC nomination. If you haven't mastered the bump, here's what you need to know.
Step 1: Regional Bumps
Historians have traced the bump back 100 years to four unique regions:
1. The West Coast Bump
2. The Midwest Bump
3. The Northeast Bump
4. The Miami Bump
Step 2: Master Bumper
Impress your friends with these lesser-known bumps:
1. The Wild Turkey Bump
2. The Pop It, Lock It, and Put It In Your Pocket Bump
3. The Bump and Thump
4. The Safe Bump
Step 3: Dos & Don'ts
Pay attention to the following rules when bumping:
1. Do make sure to be of equal height when bumping
2. Don't bump at inappropriate times 
3. Don't overindulge the bump 
Show your true colors. Bump like an American.